Corp Social Responsibility

Cu-River is a mining company producing metals that are essential to human development.

We aim to ensure that the benefits created by our business are shared throughout the economy and any negative impacts to people, community and the environment are minimised.

We achieve this though our environmental, social and economic commitments.

Our environmental commitment
Cu-River is committed to a goal of continuous improvement in environmental performance across our operations. We aim to protect and conserve the environment by minimising adverse impacts and enhancing local and regional environmental features wherever possible. We achieve this through minimising the footprint of our projects, effective management of our operations and progressive rehabilitation of our disturbance. We are proud of our environmental performance and have worked closely with our partners to achieve positive environmental outcomes since taking over ownership of Cairn Hill.

Our social commitment

Cu-River is committed to working with our stakeholders to ensure the transparency and understanding of our company and our projects. We achieve this through partnering with diverse stakeholders, including councils, communities, landholders, native title parties and environmental groups, to open dialogue and incorporate local knowledge and opinions into our plans. We are proud to support community initiatives such as the Coober Pedy Opal Festival, Coober Pedy Retail, Business and Tourism Association, the North West Pastoral Field Day, Coober Pedy Mines Rescue Squad, the Coober Pedy Races and Gymkhana, and the Coober Pedy Umoona Eagles Football Club in the SA Football and Netball Aboriginal Carnival and our own Community Consultative Committee in Coober Pedy.

Our economic commitment

Cu-River is committed to ensuring the benefits created by our business are shared across the economy. We aim to contribute to the prosperity of our workforce, our communities and the State of South Australia. We achieve this by being a sustainable business, providing stable employment and contributing taxes and royalties to both State and Federal Governments. We are proud to have invested $20 million in the resumption of operations at Cairn Hill and have proposals to invest an estimated $230 million in the Cairn Hill redevelopment alone.