Cu-River has been the proud sponsor of many local community initiatives such as the Coober Pedy Opal Festival, Coober Pedy Races and Gymkhana and Umoona Football and Netball teams.

Successful sponsorships must:

  • make a real, lasting contribution to the community;
  • contribute to establishing or maintaining a positive relationship between Cu-River Mining and the community or stakeholder concerned.

If you or your organisation, would like to apply for sponsorship from Cu-River, please read the guidelines and fill out the sponsorship form.

Preference will be given to applications for sponsorship in proximity to our operations, i.e., the Cairn Hill mine, nearby tenements and the township of Coober Pedy.

Not all sponsorships involve money and there may be circumstances where in-kind support is more appropriate for a project. The same criteria and reporting guidelines will apply in such cases.

Priority areas

Our priority areas for support include:

  • Education and training
  • Health and social wellbeing
  • Advancement of disadvantaged groups/people
  • Sustainable environmental and conservation programs.

We will not provide sponsorship for:

  • Political campaigns at Local, State or Federal level
  • Advertising
  • Religious organisations
  • Wages and salaries